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If you are self-employed and live in the United States or Canada, you can probably reduce your taxes with a small business run with an honest expectation of profit and where your expenses are ordinary, necessary, and reasonable for that business. It's that simple. Find out How to Reduce Your Taxes
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The Necessity Of Hiring A Tax Attorney

Each year when tax season rolls around, many people tend to become nervous about how to file their tax reports. Some people have the financial wisdom and resources to fill out and file their own forms, yet most do not have this ability or the desire to do so.

All around the country, there are businesses set up in order to help people with their tax accounting, such as H&R Block and others. These places are filled with tax professionals who can help people to make sure that their forms are filled out correctly and completely with no mistakes that may cost them. There is a small fee for these services, yet paying this fee is usually worth it compared with the potential cost of making a mistake.

In the event that a mistake is made on one’s taxes, a tax attorney can then be hired in order to defend the person’s rights and help them not be forced to pay a great amount or even face criminal charges.

Tax Attorneys And Other Law Professionals

Attorneys are in abundance in the western world, as they are in great demand for a variety of reasons. For the corporate world, lawyers are needed in order to protect and defend the rights and the trust of the company they are representing. Also, individuals are often in need of lawyers for many different reasons, and there are many specialties that a lawyer can focus his/her training upon. For example, criminal defense lawyers stay busy doing what their name suggests; defending those who have been accused of a crime. Prosecuting lawyers usually defend the rights of the victims in a case. There are also real estate lawyers who know the laws of land-owning and other home or business-related issues. Corporate lawyers work with companies on all of their needs, and tax attorneys usually specify their services toward tax issues.

Whether the profession focuses on tax attorney or trial attorney, every lawyer must have integrity and a reputable and good education and name within the area that he/she serves. Becoming an attorney requires many years of college and law school and can be a highly stressful profession to enter into, and a tax attorney may even have extra accounting or math oriented classes to take in addition. Yet, attorneys remain a necessary part of our democracy with its judicial system of checks and balances. Overall, it is important to look for those whose services are superior quality and can be trusted and respected.

SPECIAL REPORT: Tax Breaks for Small & Home Based Businesses
An introduction to huge tax breaks passed by Congress to encourage and stimulate small & home based businesses.

Income Tax Returns Your Accountant Should Not File
You've been feeling uneasy (perhaps even guilty) because you've failed to report your under the table business income. Perhaps you've never filed a tax return, even though you know you owe money. Finally, you contact an accountant to resolve the situation.

Evasion or Avoidance: A Crucial Difference
Although this article assumes that the reader/taxpayer is a Canadian resident, is subject to the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) and will be dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) similar principles may cautiously be applied to other common law jurisdiction like the U.S.A. and England.

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If you owe back taxes to the IRS, it is almost certain that you have received certified letters like this one. Unfortunately, the threatening IRS collection letters are only the beginning of an IRS tax problem. When IRS problems get this far, you probably need tax help.

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Tax Lawyer Help - IRS Offer in Compromise - The IRS will take advantage of a taxpayer who is not knowledgeable about the tax law or IRS audit and collection procedures. Taxpayers need to be protected from IRS error, abuse, and intimidation. Taxpayers frequently overpay their tax liability either as a consequence of inappropriate IRS actions, or because they do not have the counsel of a skilled and experienced tax lawyer.

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The IRS takes advantage of taxpayers who do not fully understand the Internal Revenue Code and the intricate Treasury Regulations and IRS procedures. IRS audit and collection procedures are designed to force the taxpayer into making mistakes in the critical first contacts with an IRS Revenue Agent (auditor) and IRS Revenue Officer (collection). Taxpayers frequently overpay the government because they are afraid of the IRS and because they do not have the counsel of an experienced tax lawyer at the first meeting with the IRS Revenue Agent and Revenue Officer.

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